I Trust You

Performance, installation

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
Oslo Plads 1, 2100 København Ø

10/11 – 25/11 2023


I Trust You starts after a failed collaboration between director Daniel Norback and a Russian art activist. It has been years in the making, has sailed and appeared to hold water. Now it’s demolished and run aground. Daniel Norback tries to gather the pieces to understand.

I Trust You is a documentary work that brings attention to a community of Russian artists and activists who oppose the war in Ukraine. What kind of courage is required? What gives strength to fight on? Composer and musician Marina Karpova, who has fled to Estonia, participates live with “hydro-feminism”. A drop of hope for another Russia.


Direction: Daniel Norback
Installation: Seimi Nørregaard
Sound design: Marina Karpova
Dramaturge: Jörn Burmeister
Artists: Sasha Skolchinenko, Katya Muromtseva, Pavel Krisevich, Maria Morina