Goodbye Europa!

Husets Teater, København 2014
Warehouse 9, København 2015

The ghost of Europe contacts performer Daniel Norback with a proposition; to create a monumental piece of theatrical work displaying the greatness of Europe. A work to inspire the discouraged population and restore the pride of the old continent.
Daniel allies himself with a renaissance theatre on wheels and begins conjuring up the outstanding ideas and individuals that makes the historical fabric of Europe. Not everything goes according to plan…
As the show moves on the technician from Asia seems to have her own agenda. An agenda that threatens to destroy Daniel, his work and Europe itself.


A performance by Daniel Norback and Adelaide Betzon
Staged by Emil Hansen
With Daniel Norback, Pei En Chan and Svend E. Kristensen
Set design by Seimi Nørregaard

Goodbye Europe is supported by the The Danish Arts Council