I think a little then I do it

Kaleidoskop, København i 2003 ift festivalen ”Til Tiden”.
Grusamhetens Teater, Oslo 2003
Fylkingen, Stockholm 2004
Kulturhuset, Stockholm ift festivalen ”Nordic Exellence” 2004
Oslo Nasjonalmuseum ift festivalen ”Kyss Frosken” 2005
CCA (Centre for Contemporary Art), Glasgow 2005

In a high and energetic tempo, Daniel Norback is telling about a performance that is soon to take place, but never really starts. We are moving between performance and non-performance and different layers of fiction and reality. A paradoxically meta-performance.

On the stage is a little and primitive model of the stage, where the planned violent events will take place, such as explosions and flag burning. The audience is slowly transformed to be a testaudience, a part of the process. The performance is about form and content, in relation to political issues in contemporary stage art.


Text og performance: Daniel Norback
Direction: Erik Pold
Music: Kim Hiorthøy
Set design: Seimi Nørregaard
Lightdesign: Jacob Sennek