Black Out

Bådteatret, København 2009
Entréscenen, Aarhus 2009

They shut down for your electricity. They try to kidnap our climate minister. A new group of activists are born –a bunch of wild puppets throw themselves into creative actions. It is said that in 50 years we need 3 planets. But for the time being we only have one –and here it´s running short of fossile fuels. It lookes like a short cut towards catastrophy –a global black out. Can we change the course? Is it a puppet with just one eye, who shall wake us up? In the middle of the climate conference COP15 someone cuts the light. All the light. Black out!

Black Out mixes documentary and puppetry in a puppetdocudrama…


A NORPOL production by Daniel Norback and Adelaide Bentzon
Starring: Svend E. Kristersen, Daniel Norback
Set design: Seimi Nørregaard
Doll maker: Rebecca Arthy, Katrine Karlsen
Music: Martin Vognsen
Photography: Malle Madsen

Black Out is supported by: Kunststyrelsens Scenekunstudvalg, Statens Værksteder for Kunst, Københavns Komunes Kulturfond, Statens Kunstfond