Julia and five hundred years of freedom

Warehouse 9, København 2018
KoncertKirken ift Det Frie Felts Festival 2019
Teater Momentum, Odense 2020
Teatret Svalegangen, Aarhus 2020

Julia/Jupiter Child explores the last 500 years of her life story in a musical autobiographical performance about colonial heritage and self-acquired freedom in Mozambique and Denmark. In a beautifully composed sound universe of song, the voices of the parents, and the noisy drums of civil war, the linear time and location delimitation of colonialism is interwoven. In a collage of crucial moments, Makonde rituals, civil war, racism, gender, friendship and freedom, through a narrative tradition that confronts and involves the audience. The work creates glimpses of meeting, momentary connections, separated by paper thin borders. Uncompromising, Julia/Jupiter Child takes the floor with beautiful musicality and swings a much-needed spotlight back on the audience. With them, Julia/Jupiter Child has the phenomenal free jazz drummer Michala Østergaard-Nielsen, whose musical spectrum ranges from the sound of bells and silence to furious discharge.

Language: English, Danish, Portuguese, Makonde

Duration: 75 minutes


Performance: Julia Luisa Geraldo Machindano
Music: Michala Østergaard-Nielsen
Installation: Seimi Nørregaard
Staging: Daniel Norback
Dramaturgy: Katrina Bugaj
PR: Nina Jensen

Produced by Norpol with support from The Danish Arts Council