This is not a performance

Dansehallerne, ift Det Frie Felts Festival 2014
Kunstmuseet Arken, Ishøj. Live Art Danmark 2015

This is not a performance is a work of paradox, where performer Daniel Norback goes through everything the performance is not and what he is not interested in, such as movements, music, set design and objects, in detail.

What does it mean when you explain yourself with what you are not and what you don´t beleive in? It has become a rethoric dicipline in culture, politics and society to define yourself through negation. It´s a dexterous way of avoiding to formulate constructive ideas, to recognize one ones responibility and position of power. The work can furthermore be read as an ongoing negotiation on human identity and existential meaning.

The performance is a development from Everything At Once (and kept the same title in the beginning), but later on changed title and is now playing as This is not a performance.


Created by: Daniel Norback and Adelaide Bentzon
On stage: Daniel Norback
Set design: Seimi Nørregaard