NORPOL makes performance productions between theatre, journalism and installation. The group provides touring performances in all of Denmark, but is based in Copenhagen.

NORPOL is interested in global politics and artistic cross over. Big questions are put into a playful frame where the audience takes an active part. The relation between performer and audience, between performer and work is important and is often negotiated.

The artistic leader Daniel Norback produces text, concept and performs. But when a new production starts, it´s a group work where the collaboration is essential. Many productions have been collaborations with the group Liminal, also based in Copenhagen (Erik Pold & Adelaide Bentzon). A new production demands new skills and new knowledge, which means the group dynamics changes for every work. Often performers are engaged with roots and experiences outside Denmark: Iran, China, Mozambique, Lithuania.

Installation and performance artist Seimi Nørregaard, does the groups set design.

Daniel Norback is born on the island Gotland, Sweden in 1969. He has for the last 25 years been part of the free stage art in Copenhagen. As member of the performance collective Bidt, as artistic leader of the group NORPOL and as performer in various collaboration projects. He is experienced in improvisation, text production, choreography, directing, documentary work and audience interaction.

He is educated at Nordisk Teaterskole, Aarhus, Stockholm University and has a background in visual arts.

Collaborators and artists participating in NORPOLs projects:

Petras Lisauskas

Seimi Nørregaard –

Boaz Barkan –

David Nicolas Abad –

Jupiter Child

Michala Østergaard Nielsen –

Maria Pi Houmann

Katrina Bugaj –

Adelaide Bentzon –

Erik Pold –

Henrik Vestergaard Friis og Ellen Friis –

Søren Meisner

Helle Lyshøj –

Mikkel Jensen

Pelle Skovmand –

Svend E. Kristensen –

Pei En Chan

Malle Madsen –

Farid Tristan-Sohrabi –

Martin Vognsen

Kalle Mathiesen

Jacob Sennek –

Kim Hiorthøy