Everything At Once

K2, København.

Everything At Once is about negation in relation to the activistic milieau around Ungdomshuset and the current conflict with the authorities and society. What does it mean when you explain yourself with what you are not and what you don´t beleive in? It has become a rethoric dicipline in culture, politics and society to define yourself through negation. It´s a dexterous way of avoiding to formulate constructive ideas, to recognize once own responsibility and possible privileges. Interviews with auther Frederik Stjernfeldt (on his book ”Kritik af den negative opbyggelighed”) and historican Jakob Als Thomsen, are wowen into the performance.


Text and performance: Daniel Norback
Staging: Adelaide Bentzon
Set design: Seimi Nørregaard
Light design: Boaz Barkan
Photography: Malle Madsen