Technical rider

Julia and five hundred years of freedom is a biographical performance, with one performer and one musician. The audience sit in a circle around the performers. They also participate during the performance.

Get in:                        8 hours before performance
Show duration:      1 hour and 30 minutes
Packing get out:    2 hours

During the show, the audience is invited on the floor for aproximately 20 minutes. If someone has problems with walking it is possible to stay sitting.

The presenter must take care for audience let in, wardrobes etc.

Julia and five hundred years of freedom is an indoor performance. The show requires total black out.

The minimum space measures:
Width:                      10m
Depth:                       10m
Height:                     3m, to light bars
Floor:                        Any wooden floor will do. Dance-vinyl also possible.
Backdrop:                No backdrop

The stage should be cleaned one hour prior to show. Presenter must provide all necessary tools and accessories (cables, ladder etc.).

The scenography contains of two stations -one drumset in one end of the room and a table with a chair in the other end. Audience is sitting in between in a circle. The light designer is based right on the side by the desk, just outside of the audience circle. A lighting consol desk must be provided by presenter.

Furthermore, a whithe “clothroom” is established close to audience entrance, but still as a part of the performance space. This room is big enough to accommodate the whole audience standing very close in the first scene. This space will look differently and be placed differently at each venue.

During the performance, the floor will be scattered with daily objects, fabrics and thin bambu sticks.

A technician with knowledge about the venue must be present during set up and take down of the  performance.

We provide:
The lightning of the two stations (drumset + table) is made by ordinary standing lamps and a desklamp. It is reinforced by theatre light. At one point two hanging lamps are slacked down from rigg using threads controlled by our show technician.
Mac with Qlab and DMX box

You provide:
16 x Fresnells 650W
1 x Profile 575W with ground level stand
12 channel dimmer 16A
Power and DMX cables
4 x Light stands with boom for 4 lamps each (height minimum 3 m)

All fixtures must have safety catch and be grounded. Cables must be in good condition. A technician with knowledge about the venue must be present during set up.

We provide:
1 microphone with cable.
1 echo pedal
1 loop pedal with cable.

You provide:
PA-system according
1 microphone (Shure SM-58 or similar). Without cable if possible.
2 active loudspeakers.
A medium size mixer with eight balanced inputs should be at front of house to control level from the microphones and PA.
A technician with knowledge about the venue must be present during set up and performance.

Dressing rooms
There must be dressing rooms with toilets for the performers.

Julia and five hundred years of freedom are 4 people: One performer, one musician, one light designer and one set designer. Everyone female.

Car from Copenhagen. Airplane for further distances.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Daniel Norback
+45 21219172

Lya Lundsager (light technician)
+45 28898289

video documentation: